Westland Growing Success Prune & Seal (250ml)

Relax knowing that your trees are protected from the elements and disease with Westland Growing Success Prune & Seal.


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Keep your trees healthy and thriving with Westland Growing Success Prune & Seal, a natural, waterproof, and ready-to-use brush-on pruning agent that provides essential protection for exposed pruning wounds. This formula, crafted from a blend of latex compounds and clay minerals, forms a protective barrier that shields your trees from the harmful effects of damp, frost, and disease-causing bacteria.

Prune & Seal is a ready to use formula that is easily applied via the inbuilt brush head, allowing you to effectively seal pruning cuts and promote the healing process. As your trees develop their natural callus, Prune & Seal remains flexible and weatherproof, ensuring uninterrupted protection throughout the healing cycle.

It can be used on a wide range of fruit and ornamental trees making it an essential tool in any gardener’s toolkit. Whether you’re maintaining a vibrant orchard or nurturing a collection of decorative trees, this formula offers you peace of mind knowing that your trees are protected.


  • Size: 250ml
  • Seals exposed wood from damp, frost and harmful bacteria
  • Allows sufficient time for the tree to produce its own natural callus
  • Natural, waterproof and ready to use
  • Inbuilt brush applicator
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