Westland Growing Success Organic Slug Stop Barrier Pellets

Westland Growing Success Organic Slug Stop Barrier Pellets stop slugs and snails from damaging plants by inhibiting their feeding habits.


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Westland Growing Success Organic Slug Stop Barrier Pellets form an effective and organic slug and snail barrier that is suitable for all plant types, flowers, fruit and vegetable crops. These barriers prevent slugs and snails from crossing over, inhibiting their feeding.

The pellets can be used in pots, tubs, baskets, containers, beds, borders and vegetable patches. They are quick acting and long lasting and will remain effective in dry or wet conditions.

Apply during spring, early summer and early autumn. Where slug attacks are common, it may be necessary to repeat the application. The best results are achieved by applying during mild damp weather, after rain or after watering the garden when slugs are most active. For maximum effect, bait should not be applied just before rain.

This pack is able to treat up to 64 individual plants or up to 30 x 6β€³ pots.

How to Use

  • For individual plants, place pellets around the plant from the stem outwards, creating a circle barrier of 10cm in diameter
  • For groups of plants, place pellets forming a 5cm wide band surrounding the group of plants to protect
  • For containers, spread the pellets evenly, creating a uniform layer over the surface , making sure the pellets cover up to the stem of the plant
  • Re-apply pellets if the barrier is disturbed


  • Size: 2.25kg (64 individual plants or 30 pots)
  • Safe to use around children, pets and wildlife
  • Can be used in both wet and dry conditions
  • Suitable for organic gardening
  • Use around both ornamental and edible plants
  • Contains slow-release nutrients to improve soil
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