Grillstream Classic 2 Burner Hybrid Barbecue – Matt Grey

The Classic 2 Burner Hybrid Barbecue finished in Matt Grey, by Grillstream is a dual-fuel 2 burner barbecue that cooks delicious, healthy BBQ food with ease.


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Step up to the Classic 2 Burner Hybrid Barbecue by Grillstream to choose to either grill on gas or cook over charcoal using this revolutionary dual-fuel grill.

Perfect for a small patio or garden, the Classic 2 Burner Hybrid Barbecue gives you the convenience of cooking on gas for a quick meal during the week, with the added option to choose charcoal to maximise that classic smoky BBQ flavour, when you have more time at the weekend.

Struggling to light charcoal becomes a distant memory, as the gas burners can be used to ignite it for you. Lighter cubes and paraffin which can taint your food are also banished. Simply add charcoal and switch on the gas, to ignite the charcoal, imparting the subtle smoky aroma and taste that come from charcoal cooking.

Or mix it up and use controllable gas heat on one side, whilst searing steaks over hot charcoal on the other side. You could even try cooking a BBQ roast chicken or joint with indirect charcoal heat – the deliciously tender meat will absorb a subtle smoky flavour whilst it cooks. The possibilities are endless with this multi-fuel BBQ.

Using the Grillstream System, flavour is improved as meat juices are channelled away from the burners to prevent flare-ups which can char food. Clean-up is a doddle, as the fat is channeled away from the interior of the barbecue to the front of the barbecue. Here the juices baste the meat, keeping it succulent, whilst fat is streamed away for easy disposal.

Ash is also kept contained in the charcoal trays, which are easy to empty after use since, thanks to the Grillstream System, it contains no excess fats and juices from the cooked food.

Also includes a handy griddle for searing prefect lines onto steaks, which can be flipped over to provide a flat-top on which you can cook small or delicate items such as breakfast or fajitas.

With fantastically innovative features, backed up by Grillstream’s comprehensive warranties, the Classic 2 Burner is an incredibly dependable barbecue that will make you a true BBQ hero.

Product information

  • Brand: Grillstream
  • Collection: Classic Series
  • Number of Burners: Two
  • Lid Colour: Grey
  • Cabinet Colour: Grey
  • Side Tables: Grey
  • Fuel Type: Dual fuel – Charcoal or Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG Cylinders sold separately)
  • Main Burners: 7kW

Good to know

  • Option to cook using gas or charcoal for the best of both worlds
  • Stainless steel Warming Rack to keep food at serving temperature
  • Double Skinned Hood optmises heat retention, saving fuel
  • Built in thermometer to monitor heat when cooking indirectly
  • Light up LED controls, are easy to see when gilling into the evenings
  • Individual Jet Flame Ignition makes lighting the gas simple and reliable
  • Closed cabinet design for handily storing grillware and BBQ accessories below the grill
  • 4 Castors for easily moving the barbecue, which lock for stability
  • Removable Fat Cup makes clean-up effortless
  • Handy built-in Bottle Opener


  • Product dimensions: H 115cm x W 117 cm x D 54cm
  • Cooking dimensions: grill W 27cm x D 39cm, griddle W 19cm x D 39cm

All measurements are approximate


  • Clean barbecue with warm soapy water
  • To protect this barbecue from garden grime, we recommend using the Grillstream Deluxe Cover – 2 Burner Classic Barbecue

Grillstream warranties

  • 10 years limited manufacturer warranty, Dual Skin Hood
  • 3 years limited manufacturer warranty, Jet Flame Ignition, Manifold and Valve system
  • 3 years limited manufacturer warranty, against Burners corroding through (excluding Side Burners)
  • 3 years limited manufacturer warranty, against Grillstream Grills corroding through
  • 2 years limited manufacturer warranty, against Flame Tamers corroding through
  • 1 year limited manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects, covering all other parts

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