Design by Violet Green Tissue Paper (Pack of 6)

Dress your gifts to impress with this eye-catching tissue.


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EAN: 5059618043676 | MPN: 6363395

Wrap your gifts beautifully with this simple and easy to use Design by Violet Green Tissue Paper. Each pack comes with 6 sheets inside a transparent wallet.

Tissue paper is a lot easier to use that classic wrapping paper as it’s less stiff and easier to maneuver around hard to wrap items. All you need is a little sticky tape and some bows if you want to add a little extra glamour.

You can also use this alongside standard gift wrap to compliment the different colours in the design. Not only that, you can prop gifts up in hamper or deep bags with a sheet scrunched up. The possibilities are endless.

Product details

  • Each pack contains 6 sheets
  • Sheet dimensions: 50cm x 66cm
  • Colour: green
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