Burgon & Ball FloraBrite® Bypass Secateurs

Banish the problem of losing your tools in the garden with these easy to spot bypass secateurs available with bright pink or yellow handles.

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These high-visibility Burgon & Ball FloraBrite Bypass Secateurs, with a precision ground high-carbon steel blade, deliver a clean and healthy cut on live stems up to 25mm.

They are available in two easy to spot fluorescent colours, pink and yellow. The robust alloy handles also have a cushion grip and rubber cushion stop for your comfort.

These high-performance secateurs are specially designed with a sap groove to stop the blades from sticking and a wire cutting notch.

For added peace of mind, these secateurs are endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society and come with a ten-year guarantee.


  • Available in two easy to spot colours, pink and yellow
  • Precision ground high-carbon steel blade for a clean and healthy cut
  • Cuts stems up to 25mm
  • A sap groove to stop blades from sticking together when in use
  • Easy release, with a secure blade lock
  • Strong alloy handles
  • Cushion grip
  • Wire cutting notch
  • Rubber cushion stop
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