Dahlia Cactus ‘Purple-White/White’ (3 tubers)

Dahlia Cactus ‘Purple-White/White’ will grow beautiful firework blooms of purple and white for a complementary summer display.


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Invaluable as cut flowers, in patio pots or for the summer border, this pack of 3 Cactus Dahlia tubers will produce a mix of stunning blooms that are either purple tipped with a white centre or simply fully white. This stunning combination of complementary shades makes for a stunning display in any garden with both flower varieties providing excellent contrast to each other.

Plant these dahlia tubers into well-draining soil in a sunny spot. The tubers should be planted approximately 15cm/6″ deep and spaced around 60cm/24″ apart. As the plants grow, they will reach a height of around 100cm/40″, making them a great choice for the back of a border or as a standalone feature. They will also be ideal as cut flowers.

For maintenance, regular deadheading is advised to encourage more blooms, alongside regular watering, making sure not to over-water as this can lead to the tubers rotting.


  • Bulb count per pack: 3 tubers
  • Flower colour: Purple, White
  • Flowering months: July, August, September
  • Flowering height: 100cm/40″
  • Hardiness: Hardy in coastal and relatively mild parts of the UK (-5 to 1)
  • When to plant: April, May, June
  • Planting depth: 15cm/6″
  • Bulb spacing: 60cm/24″
  • Soil type: Moist but well-drained with a good supply of humus
  • Soil pH: Acid, Neutral, Alkaline
  • Sunlight: Full sun

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