Crocosmia montbretia ‘Norwich Canary’ (10 bulbs)

Grow stunning branched spikes of funnel-shaped yellow flowers with this Crocosmia ‘Norwich Canary’.


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Crocosmia ‘Montbretia Norwich Canary’ will make for a vibrant and colourful addition in any garden. These bulbs will produce gracefully arched stems with yellow flowers that will bloom from late summer to early autumn. The leaves are long and narrow, providing a lush green backdrop for the striking blooms.

These bulbs are easy to plant and maintain. They prefer well-drained soil and full sun, but can tolerate some partial shade. They can be planted in borders, along pathways, or in pots. Once established, they will come back year after year and will multiply to create a beautiful display.

To plant these corms, dig a hole that is twice the depth of the bulb and space them at least 10-15cm/4-6″ apart. Cover the bulbs with soil and water well. The bulbs will start to sprout within a few weeks and will reach maturity in around 2 years.

Plenty of water should be given during the growing season. Corms never become completely dormant so do leave them in the ground, providing a good mulch of peat, leaves or straw in all but very mild areas of Britain. Divide clumps in spring every 3-4 years and replant corms in newly prepared soil.

Requiring minimal care and maintenance, these Crocosmia bulbs will provide a stunning display of colour in your garden. The pack of 10 bulbs provides great value and is sure to add a touch of sunshine to your garden.


  • Bulb count per pack: 10 bulbs
  • Flower colour: Yellow
  • Flowering months: July, August, September
  • Flowering height: 35cm/14″
  • Hardiness: Hardy in most places throughout the UK, even in severe winters (-15 to -10)
  • When to plant: March, April, May
  • Planting depth: 5cm/2″
  • Bulb spacing: 10cm/4″
  • Soil type: Well-drained soil with a good supply of humus
  • Soil pH: Acid, Neutral, Alkaline
  • Sunlight: Full sun, Partial shade

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