Blackcurrant ‘Ben Connan’

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Blackcurrant ‘Ben Connan’



2 in Stock. Please call 01664 454309 to confirm availability.

A popular blackcurrant variety with a high yield suitable for small gardens.

Blackcurrant ‘Ben Connan’ produces large, glossy black fruit on compact growth.

These juicy black currants have a delicious, rich flavour and are full of goodness, such as Vitamin C and minerals.  Ideal for small gardens, ‘Ben Connan’ is also a high yield variety and perfect if only one variety can be grown.


  • Fruiting Season: Early July
  • Fruit Size: Large
  • Height & Spread: 1m x 1m
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • RHS Plants for Pollinators

Blackcurrant Planting Guide

Prior to planting, improve your soil and yield by mixing in a layer of organic matter, such as farmyard manure, into the planting area.

Blackcurrants can be planted between November and March during the dormant season. They require planting up to a depth of 2″ more than the soil mark on the plant in the pot.

Firm in well and water the base thoroughly. In Spring, feed each blackcurrant plant with a general fertiliser, such as Growmore, to aide growth and development.

In the dormant season, blackcurrants would do well to have weaker branches and stems cut back as each year’s crop relies on the previous year’s growth. Also prune fruited branches to make room for new growth each year.

Harvest your blackcurrants in the Summer once the fruits have turned blue-back in colour. Blackcurrants are best eaten fresh or frozen straightaway to store for later use.