National Trust Apollo Easy Clean Peanut Feeder

Feed wild birds with peanuts with the Apollo Easy Clean Peanut Feeder by National Trust.


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The National Trust Apollo Easy Clean Peanut Feeder is ideal for attracting a diverse range of wild birds in the garden,

It is a strong bird feeder made from strong outdoor materials to hold whole peanuts. Peanuts are high in essential protein and oil and make the perfect treat to keep birds fueled over winter months when food is scarce. Peanuts should never be left on an open ground feeder or bird table, they should always be fed in a feeder. This will prevent small or young birds from choking.

Choose a safe location for this feeder away from natural predators with enough space for them to fly in and out of.

This feeder comes with a handy hanging loop and easy to hang and clean. To use, simply fill with a high quality peanuts.

Support wild birds with the Apollo Easy Clean Peanut Feeder from the National Trust range of bird feeders.

Product information

  • Product Range: National Trust
  • Capacity: 570g
  • Colour: Graphite-Grey
  • Material: Powder-coated Metal

Good to know

  • Attracts a number of wild bird species
  • For use with peanuts
  • Resilient to squirrel damage, but still allows them to access the food
  • Features wire mesh tube to hold peanuts in place to prevent birds swallowing whole peanuts (always use a feeder when feeding with peanuts to prevent young birds from choking)
  • Open with the screw thread base (ready to use with attachments like feeder Trays to catch fallen bird feed
  • Suitable for outdoor use all year round
  • 5-year manufacturer guarantee
  • Produced by CJ WildBird Foods Ltd under licence from National Trust (Enterprises) Limited


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Position on a tree or pole system
  • Clean and replace feed regularly to ensure good hygiene for wild birds


  • Height 36 cm x Dia. 8 cm

All measurements are approximate

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