Tom Chambers Fat Ball Ring

EAN: 5022506027010 | MPN: FBS015


A hanging bird feeder designed for up to ten fat balls.

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This Tom Chambers Fat Ball Ring bird feeder can be filled with up to ten fat balls at a time.

Fat balls attract a wide range of garden birds including Tits, Woodpeckers and Jays.

Featuring a hanging ring, this fat ball feeder is best used in an open space. Or simply hang from a bird feeding station bracket.


  • Holds 10 fat balls
  • Elegant shape
  • Holds Fat Balls by Tom Chambers (not included)
  • Easy fill & clean
  • Handy universal hanger for feeding station brackets
  • Suitable for year round use


  • Clean regularly to prevent germs spreading
  • Locate the Feeder in an open and accessible outdoor space to prevent natural predators
  • Provide fresh water with bird food to encourage return visits