Amaryllis ‘Red Lion’ (1 bulb)

A single red-flowering Amaryllis ‘Red Lion’ bulb that will bloom between January and March.


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Bring a touch of wintertime glamour to your home or garden with this Amaryllis ‘Red Lion’ bulb. This stunning variety produces large, trumpet-shaped flowers in a deep, velvety red. The flowers are borne on sturdy stems that can reach up to 60 centimeters tall. Amaryllis ‘Red Lion’ is easy to grow and care for, and it will bloom indoors for several weeks.

To plant your Amaryllis ‘Red Lion’ bulb, choose a pot that is slightly larger than the bulb itself. Fill the pot with a well-draining potting mix and plant the bulb so that the top third is exposed. Water the bulb thoroughly and place it in a sunny location. The bulb will begin to grow roots and leaves within a few weeks.

Once the leaves have grown to about 10 centimeters long, you can start to fertilize your Amaryllis ‘Red Lion’. Use a balanced fertilizer and fertilize every two weeks. The flowers will begin to bloom about 6-8 weeks after planting.

Amaryllis ‘Red Lion’ is a beautiful and easy-to-grow bulb that is perfect for adding a touch of wintertime colour to your home. With its deep red flowers and sturdy stems, this bulb is sure to turn heads.


  • Bulb count per pack: 1 bulb
  • Recipient of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit
  • Flower colour: Red
  • Flowering months: January, February, March
  • Flowering height: 50cm/20″
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy
  • When to plant: August, September, October, November
  • Planting depth: 12cm/5″
  • Bulb spacing: 20cm/8″
  • Soil pH: Neutral, Acid, Alkaline
  • Soil type: Moist and free draining
  • Sunlight: Full sun, Partial shade
  • Special Features: Ideal for pots, RHS award winner
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