Amaryllis โ€˜Clownโ€™ (1 bulb)

A single white and red-flowering Amaryllis โ€˜Clownโ€™ bulb that will bloom between January and March.


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Amaryllis โ€˜Clownโ€™ is a stunning amaryllis variety that produces large, showy flowers in a bicolour pattern of red and white. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and can reach up to 8 inches in diameter. The foliage is also attractive, with long, narrow leaves that are a deep green colour.

Amaryllis โ€˜Clownโ€™ is a relatively easy plant to grow. It can be planted indoors or outdoors, but it is best to grow it indoors if you live in a cold climate. The bulbs should be planted in a pot that is at least 6 inches in diameter and filled with a well-draining potting mix. The bulbs should be planted with the top half exposed.

This stunner will bloom in the winter or early spring. The flowers will last for several weeks. After the flowers have faded, the foliage will continue to grow for several more weeks. Once the foliage has died back, the bulbs can be stored in a cool, dry place until the next growing season.

Amaryllis โ€˜Clownโ€™ is a beautiful and easy-to-grow plant that is perfect for adding a touch of colour to your home during the winter months.


  • Bulb count per pack: 1 bulb
  • Flower colour: White, Red
  • Flowering months: January, February, March
  • Flowering height: 50cm/20โ€ณ
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy
  • When to plant: August, September, October, November
  • Planting depth: 15cm/6โ€ณ
  • Bulb spacing: 20cm/8โ€ณ
  • Soil pH: Neutral, Acid, Alkaline
  • Soil type: Moist and free draining
  • Sunlight: Full sun
  • Special Features: Ideal for pots
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