How 4 Seasons Outdoor’s rope garden furniture is made

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The Dutch furniture company, 4 Seasons Outdoor (4SO), have been making the world’s finest garden furniture for 20 years. To this day they remain a garden trendsetter. Their furniture is made with quality craftsmanship and a passion for great design. Using high quality and weather resistant materials that are both comfortable and durable, their designers, engineers and specialist artisans lovingly create amazing furniture. There are many compelling reasons to choose 4SO rope garden furniture. Like all their outdoor furniture it is unique and looks outstanding. The company is continually developing new designs, new materials, and new combinations to create extraordinary, innovative, timeless and fashionable garden furniture.

4SO’s rope garden furniture is also made to the highest standards. Their production process is amongst the best in the industry and quality is prioritised at every stage. The whole process is managed by 4SO from idea to sketch through to production and completed end product. Here we take you on a behind the scenes tour to discover the processes that create the best rope garden chairs.

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An example of a mood board
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Attaching the hand woven seat
4 Seasons Outdoor Weaving Rope Chair 450x450
Hand weaving rope around a chair frame

How are the best rope garden chairs made?

The birth of the best rope garden chairs starts with a seed of an idea from the design team. Top of the designers’ minds at all times when generating new ideas for 4SO’s garden furniture, are comfort, functionality and durability. The designers have an unrivalled feel for what makes a comfortable armrest and a unique chair leg. The new design begins with a sketch of their idea.

To help the design team visualise their idea, they use a mood board, which consists of all the elements the team is considering for use in the piece. The mood board could include colour swatches, brand logos and an array of production materials.  In this way the perfect piece of high-quality outdoor furniture comes about as a fusion between the team’s technical knowledge, the style of the item and the use of the very best materials. Concepts and prototypes are worked up and tested, before the final design is arrived at.

Once the design has been settled upon and drafted by hand, the engineers digitally render the frame on computer. This forms the template for the chair frames, which are bent, cut and welded with precision by machines and robots. The chair frames are either made from stainless steel or aluminium, both luxurious materials with perfect outdoor credentials. If the frames are going to be powder coated, they make a journey through the powder coating area, a 1.5km street in which the frame is sprayed by hand with a weatherproof protective layer. This powder coating is the best in the industry: hardy and completely waterproof, making the most durable furniture frames.

4 Seasons Outdoor Sempre 6 Seat Dining Set with Bel Air Table 1200x600

What makes 4SO rope garden furniture so exceptional?

The rope is weaved onto the chair frames in the Indonesian city of Cirebon, which has a long history as a centre of Javanese art and culture, dating back to the 14th century. Today, Cirebon is known for its traditional rattan furniture, which is made by skilled craftsmen using techniques passed down through generations. Originally these craftspeople made natural rattan furniture, before evolving to work with synthetic wicker. Now, most 4SO furniture is made with rope by these same craftspeople, using many of the centuries-old techniques. Their intricate designs are beautiful and functional.

It takes around 2 days for an artisan to weave a garden chair from rope and no machine is involved so every piece of garden furniture is hand made and individual. Braided in a frame, the rope is first wrapped around the frame, making knots, and is then carefully weaved into the chair’s pattern. Beautiful and intricate rope patterns are created, making each piece of furniture unique and attractive.

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What is 4SO’s rope garden furniture made from?

In order to create strong rope furniture that can be used outdoors all year round, 4SO use a combination of very special materials. The outer casing of 4SO rope is olefin, which is similar to the firm’s weather resistant cushions. Olefin is made from an acrylic that holds its colour well for lasting good looks, it is highly UV resistant so won’t fade in the sun and is extremely water repellent so can be left outdoors. It also dries fast, feels very comfortable to the touch and above all its looks are unparalleled.

A polypropylene core is present in all 4SO rope furniture which is strong, yet soft to the touch. In round rope designs it consists of a bundle of thin plastic threads inside the rope. In flat rope it is woven through the rope. This ensures the rope is strong and remains perfectly taught, so it won’t sag over time. It is easy to see how tightly knotted the fabric in 4SO furniture is.

Is 4SO’s rope garden furniture weatherproof?

Garden furniture made from 4SO’s rope is weatherproof, as it is made with a polypropylene core and olefin sheath, so doesn’t need to be stored in the winter. It will not rot due to water and is mould resistant. 4 Seasons Outdoor are so confident that their rope is good quality, it is guaranteed against production defects and damage caused by the weather for 5 years. We advise that rope furniture is covered so it can be quickly used after a rain shower, and it is protected against garden grime.

Is rope garden furniture sustainable?

4SO rope contains no hazardous materials and can be fully recycled.

Are 4 Seasons Outdoor’s furniture cushions weatherproof?

All 4 Seasons Outdoor furniture has cushions with an olefin fabric cover and an anti-mould foam inside. Olefin is a new soft, lightweight woven fabric which is waterproof. The fabric repels water, which sits on the surface rather than seeping into the material. The olefin fabric can withstand UV rays, temperature differences and as moisture doesn’t seep in, it dries fast too.

The finished articles of rope furniture are beautiful, with minimalistic design cues and a warm appearance. As rope can be created round, flat, thick or thin and can be finished in various colours, numerous designs are possible, offering the customer a wide choice of styles. You can be assured that you’ll find a dining or lounge set which suits your garden.

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Quality, craftsmanship and a love for design define all 4 Seasons Outdoor’s garden furniture. Each piece is a small hand made work of art.

We hope you find whatever garden furniture you are searching for. If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to visit our Outdoor Living Team in-store, contact us on 01664 454309 or shop online for home delivery or collection from our Leicestershire store.

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