As the name suggests, Scatter Cushions can be placed at random on your garden furniture.

Scatter Cushions can add a touch of style, comfort and colour to any outdoor seating. Compliment your outdoor furniture with our impressive Scatter Cushions.

They’re a great way to make your outdoor space a bit more personal, by introducing bright or muted colours, plain or patterned, the choice is yours.

Scatters are not just square either, we also have a lovely range of Rectangle Scatter Cushions for you to choose from. These take up less space than traditional square shaped scatters and are just as comfy.

Our most popular brand of scatter cushions is Bramblecrest. They make a wide range of shower-proof scatters with different colours and patterns. There’s enough choice to brighten up any garden furniture.

To help you decide, think about the colour of your garden furniture and any fabrics you might already have in the garden. For example, a scatter could bring together the colour of your parasol canopy and sun lounger.

Also think about mixing and matching. A plain cushion with a patterned cushion can look eye-catchingly good. Our favourite combination is the Bramblecrest Harlequin Yellow Square Scatter Cushion with the Bramblecrest Fawn Square Scatter Cushion for a timeless look.

We are sure you’ll find the perfect match for your garden furniture. We keep scatter cushions in stock all year round, so they are ready to buy in-store or online any day of the week.