Zoon Uber-Activ Cooling Dog Coat


Use this coat to cool down dogs in the English summer sun, or take it on holiday to keep your pooch cool.


The Zoon Uber-Activ Cooling Dog Coat is a cooling pet coat that is activated when submerged into cold water.

This coat is perfect for keeping dogs cool on sunny days, or when they are feeling under the weather. It is lightweight, soft and comfortable for dogs to wear, and fastens neatly across the chest and under the belly for a comfortable fit.

With no freezing required, this coat simply needs to be submerged into a bowl of cold water and gently kneaded to allow the coat to absorb the water.


  • Best for keeping dogs cool on a hot day
  • Lightweight & soft
  • Fastenings for a good fit
  • Easy to use
  • No electricity, wires or mess
  • Freezing not needed

Additional info

  • Available in sizes 30cm, 35cm & 40cm
  • Hand wash only in cold water
  • Not suitable for use on cold days
  • Remove coat at any signs the dog is too cold