Zoon Soft & Moist Tender Bones Dog Treats (350g)

These deliciously tender bone shaped treats will have your pooch jumping with joy !


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 Zoon Soft & Moist Tender Bones Dog Treats (350g) will make you’re pooch think all their birthdays have come at once.  Afterall there is nothing more pleasing than giving your dog a bone !

These bone shaped treats are made from tasty chicken and are deliciously soft & moist, making them easy to chew for pooches that have dental issues.

Slowly oven baked to lock in goodness, enriched with vitamins, to help boost your pooches immune system, keeping them healthy &  happy from nose to tail. They smell amazing too, so make  a ideal training reward.

Here at Gates Garden Centre we care about your four-legged friends too and want to keep them fit and healthy, so it’s best not to feed them too many treats.

Always supervise your dog when they’re eating a treat.

key features

  • Pack size 350g
  • Ideal training reward
  • Soft & moist, making them easy to chew
  • Made with tasty chicken
  • Enriched with vitamins, helping to keep your pooch healthy & happy
  • Helps to boost you pooches immune system

Additional info

Store in a cool, dark and dry enviroment.

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