Zoon Nip-it Catnip Spray

Just one sniff of Nip-it Catnip Spray and it will drive most cats crazy.


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This is a small 15ml bottle of Nip-it Catnip Spray by Zoon.

Made with natural USA catnip, this handy bottle can be used to spray on cat toys or to refresh any catnip cat toys that have lost their scent.

Easy to use, test on a small area prior to full application, then spray desired items and reapply once a cat’s interest has diminished.


  • Cat-safe Catnip spray to refresh toys with that natural scent of USA Catnip
  • In a handy spray bottle with lid
  • Clear bottle makes it easy to see when you are running low


  • Concentrated Catnip Extract (45%), Ethanol (55%)

Additional information

  • Not suitable for babies or young children
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