Wilkinson Sword Precision Snips

Perform precise trimming and deadheading tasks in the garden with these Wilkinson Sword Precision Snips.


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The Wilkinson Sword Precision Snips are designed with ultra-sharp straight pointed blades that effortlessly glide through stems and branches, leaving behind a clean, healthy cut that promotes plant growth.

The compact, lightweight design of these snips makes them easy to manoeuvre, even in tight spaces, while the soft grips ensure a secure and comfortable hold, reducing hand fatigue during extended use. For added safety they also feature a central safety catch that keeps them closed when not in use.

Whether you’re deadheading spent flowers, shaping delicate shrubs, or harvesting fresh herbs, the Wilkinson Sword Precision Snips are the perfect tool for the job, allowing you to tackle a wide range of pruning needs with precision and ease.


  • Ideal for deadheading and precise trimming of small and delicate plants
  • Straight stainless steel pointed blades
  • Serrated edge for additional cutting
  • Central safety catch
  • Soft grips for added comfort
  • 10 year manufacturer guarantee
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