Vitax Bonsai Soluble Feed (200g)

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Perfect for most species of Bonsai during the active growing season. Strengthens the plant without promoting excessive growth.

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Vitax Bonsai Soluble Feed has been formulated to provide the nutrients required for healthy growth of these miniature specimens.

With high levels of phosphorous and potash, this feed will strengthen stems and root systems.

As Bonsai are grown in shallow pots with little soil, they need to be fertilised regularly. A traditional feed with high nitrogen levels would cause excessive top growth putting even more stress on the plant so this feed has low levels of this nutrient.

Vitax Bonsai Feed should be applied at the specified dose every two weeks from March to October. Indoor Bonsai can be fed all year.

Supplied in a resealable tub, this feed can be kept indefinitely as long as it is stored in a cool, dry place.

Always read the label before using this product.