Valentine Rhubarb Crown

Valentine Rhubarb is noted for its super-sweet, greenish red stalks, which when cooked, are tender, succulent and juicy, while still retaining their colour.


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High yielding, sweet flavoured and with deep red stems, Rhubarb Valentine is ideal for making pies, puddings, crumbles, sauces and jams.

This clump forming perennial develops from a short crown, producing thick, angular stems and enormous, smooth, heart-shaped leaves that retain their green colour throughout the season. In summer, bold spikes of white flowers rise above the foliage.

Valentine produces long, deep red stalks that retain a good rosy colour when cooked. Vigorous, it is an early bearer that is cold and heat-tolerant.

Valentine crowns will perform best in full sun to part shade in fertile, evenly moist but well-drained soils. Plant the crown so that the top is just level with the surface of the soil. Plant firmly, treading the soil around the roots. Water well and keep the soil moist during the growing season.

Harvest ideally from April to June but do not pull any stems for the first season to allow the plant to become established. Only pulling a few in the second season will be beneficial to the plant. Always cease pulling at the end of July to allow the plant to build up its strength again. Freshly pulled stems should be used within a day or two.


  • Pack size: 1 bulb
  • When to plant: March, April, September, October
  • When to harvest: March, April, May, June (February when forced)
  • Planting depth: Plant on surface
  • Spacing: 90cm/36″
  • Soil type: Moist but well-drained
  • Soil pH: Acid, Alkaline, Neutral
  • Sunlight: Full sun
  • Hardiness: Hardy in most places throughout the UK, even in severe winters (-15 to -10)
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