Tom Chambers Faraway Hanging Bird Table

Feed wild birds in the garden with this pretty rustic Faraway Hanging Bird Table by Tom Chambers.


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The Tom Chambers Faraway Hanging Bird Feeding Table is a magical looking bird table and it is the perfect solution for gardens and outdoor areas short on space for a bird table on a stand.

The Faraway is a handcrafted hanging wooden bird table with a rustic rope hanging cord. Handcrafted, the wooden roof also protects bird food from the rain to keep it dry and fresh.

The gentle curves of this bird table with the angular grey painted roof adds a contemporary look to any outdoor space.

Easy to use, simply scatter your preferred bird food onto the hanging table, to attract a variety of wild birds. You can use any bird feed, apart from whole peanuts (these may cause young birds to choke, so always use whole peanuts in a peanut feeder).

Hang from a tree or dedicated bracket in the garden and enjoy this modern rustic hanging bird table.


  • Contemporary & rustic hanging bird table with a grey painted roof
  • Use to attract and feed a wide range of wild bird species
  • Bird table comes with curved sides to retain bird feed & prevent it from falling out
  • Handcrafted timber
  • Easy to use, simply hang from a tree or dedicated bracket with the rustic rope loop
  • Versatile & suitable for use with a variety of bird foods including suet, mealworms & seeds (not suitable for whole peanuts)
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