Lemax ‘Tis The Season Skate Rentals

A perfect place to grab some skates and enjoy the winter day with family.


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In Caddington Village, skating is one of the most popular winter pastimes and the Lemax ‘Tis The Season Skate Rentals is here for all of your specialist footwear needs.

This charming building is all decorated for the holiday festivities with an open storefront. Front and centre you can see a well wrapped employee, ready to serve everyone, any age is welcome to come and enjoy some icy fun. After all, Tis The Season.

Sure to look pride of place in your own Lemax village this festive season with an easy to use On / Off switch for the lights.

Product details

  • Released: 2022
  • Dimensions: 20cm (H) x 18.6cm (W) x 11.2cm (D)
  • Made of: Porcelain
  • Control Switch: On / Off switch
  • Electrical: with 1.83m cord (6ft) or with LED light cord with battery box or with LED light cord with adaptor – Only 1 is included
  • Village: Caddington Village
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