Thompson & Morgan Cauliflower All The Year Round

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Britain’s most popular cauliflower and one of the most reliable for summer and autumn use. A compact plant habit with white, tight heads (curds) for eating raw or steamed.

How to sow

Sow outdoors in a well prepared seedbed for transplanting later on. Prepare the soil by raking until it is fine and crumbly, removing any large stones. Sow seed from March to June. Sow 1cm (1/2in) deep, allowing 23cm (9in) between rows.

How to grow

Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle, around 5 weeks from sowing. When transplanting, allow 45cm (18in) between plants each way. Plant firmly to obtain best quality heads and water thoroughly after planting.

Additional information

  • Harvesting period: July, August, September, October
  • Pack contents (approx.): 150 seeds