Smart Solar Lunière-Oval

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These wonderful oval shaped solar lights are ideal for use by themselves or alongside a variety of other solar lighting for a stunning display after dark.


This show stopping Smart Solar Lunière-Oval comes in two sizes, large and extra large, with three different lighting functions. They can be used as a classic white LED light, bright fixed colour or as a fantastic colour changing option.

The lights with automatically illuminate at night for a stunning feature you can see from the other end of the garden. You have two options when charging this up, via USB cable or in direct sunlight which will depend on what you plan on doing with it. This can actually be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Sure to bring your garden to life with either function and these make a wonderful centre point for a breathtaking lighting display. This beautiful ambient lighting is ideal for placement in bedding, around seating areas or simply on a grassy patch. You can also place these inside and use as gentle lighting through the house. No mains wiring required. If placing outside they need to be in direct sunlight for the best possible lighting at night.

Product details

  • 3 lighting options – white, colour changing or fixed colour
  • Solar & USB powered
  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Up to 6 hours light per day
  • USB cable included
  • Ground spike included
  • 1 x white & 1 x colour changing LED
  • No mains required
  • Charges in direct sunlight or with USB cable

Sizes Available

  • Large: Dimensions – 21cm x 15.5cm
  • Extra large: Dimensions – 28cm x 22.5cm

Extra large ovals are slightly rounder than the large ovals, similar to an egg shape.