Premier 720 LED Cluster Supabrights – Warm White

EAN: 5053844154694 | MPN: LV162175WW


Cluster lights provide a higher concentration of lights for the length of cable with approx 2.5cm only between each LED.

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Presenting a dazzling array of Premier 720 LED Cluster Supabrights – Warm White, the perfect way to a sparkling Christmas.

Whether you’re lighting up your Christmas tree, adding some seasonal charm to your garden or making the front of your house suitably festive, these Cluster Supabrights are ideal. Offering 4 x as many lights per metre as regular lights, with a spacing of only 2.5cm between each LED, creating a fuller, more impactful look on your tree or other chosen area.

The 720 LEDs equate to a 9.3 metre lit length, plus there is a 10 metre lead cable which allows you to easily reach your nearest plug socket. These lights can be used indoors or outdoors; the transformer is IP20 rated and therefore should be plugged in to an indoor socket.

These mains operated lights are multi-functional and offer 8 different multi-function settings including: Static, Twinkle, Fade, Chasing, Glow, Sequential, Waves, and Combination. This allows you to flick between settings or choose your favourite setting for the Christmas period. Additionally, these lights come with a useful timer function which allows you to set your lights up to come on at the same time every day. The timer will see your lights come on for 8 hours and turn off for 16 hours per day.

Not only do these brilliant lights allow for a timer function and 8 multi-functions settings but they also have a super memory function which means that when you switch the lights off at the mains plug they will still remember your timer settings and desired multi-function settings. This means you will not have to reset your lights every time you switch your main plug off.

Key Features

  • Superbright, energy efficient, long lasting & durable, perfect for Christmas purposes
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Mains powered, must be plugged into an indoor socket
  • 8 light sequences, to choose from
  • Features a super memory function
  • Easy to use built in timer function – 8 hours on/16 hours off
  • Dark green cable, blends discreetly into the background
  • Lead cable plug to first bulb: 10 m
  • Cable Distance First To Last Bulb: 9.3 m