Pedigree DENTASTIX Daily Fresh Triple Action+

For fresh breath, as well as routine gum and teeth care give your pet dog Pedigree DENTASTIX Daily Fresh Triple Action+.


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Pedigree DENTASTIX Daily Fresh Triple Action+ reduces tartar build-up by up to 80%, cleans hard to reach teeth, supports gum health in pet dogs and has active ingredients to help freshen breath.

Tartar build up in dogs causes bad breath, gum disease or tooth decay. To prevent this and as part of a dog’s daily oral care, Pedigree recommend regular use of DENTASTIX.

These dog treats come in a choice of handy pack sizes to suit small, medium or large sized dogs. Check a dogs weight to provide a guide as to which DENTASTIX pack to choose.


  • 154g pack of 4 DENTASTIX (for dogs weighing 25kg+), 124 calories per stick
  • 128g pack of 5 DENTASTIX (for dogs weighing 10 – 25kg), 82 calories per stick
  • 110g pack with 7 DENTASTIX (for dogs weighing 5 – 10kg), 51 calories per stick


  • Unique X shape oral care treat for dogs
  • Contains Green Tea extract and Eucalyptus oil, proven to help freshen breath
  • Abrasive texture and great tasting flavour that dogs will love
  • Active ingredients to reduce tartar build-up
  • No artificial colours & no artificial flavours
  • Low in fat & no added sugar
  • Calories per stick are based on typical composition
  • Resealable tab included for storage and to keep fresh
  • Recommended by Vets
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