Osmocote Plant Food (750g)

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One simple application is all that is needed to feed your plants everyday for a whole growing season.

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Osmocote Plant Food for healthy and beautiful garden plants.

If you are looking for a really easy way to feed your plants, ensuring that they remain healthy throughout the growing season, then a controlled release feed is the low maintenance option.

Each granule is coated with a unique resin that controls the nutritional release so that your plants get what they need when they need it for up to 6 months. Osmocote is a great choice for garden vegetables, tomatoes, melons and berries as well as annuals and perennials.

One simple application is all that is needed to feed your plants every day for a whole growing season.

Osmocote is clean and easy to use and will produce great results.

It can be applied at any time of the year but for best results apply in early spring so your plants receive the maximum benefit.


  • Unique formula that only feeds plants when they need it
  • Feeds for up to 6 months
  • Re-sealable pack
  • Ideal for use in tubs, containers and hanging baskets
  • Suitable for all garden use
  • Pack size:750g
  • Produces stronger healthier plants
  • Easy to use

Fertiliser Analysis

  • NPK 16-5-17