Tom Chambers Ornate Christmas Tree Stand

A beautiful stand that can be left as is or dressed with a tree skirt on top.


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A must have for keeping your tree in place, the Tom Chambers Ornate Christmas Tree Stand is sturdy and guaranteed to last you many seasons. Handcrafted from heavy duty steel before being coated in a sparkling powder finish.

Available in mulberry, green, gold and a combination of black and gold glitter. This original, tried and tested design looks beautiful sitting beneath your tree or you can cover it with a tree skirt for a more traditional look.

Simply slip the trunk of your tree into the opening of the ornate stand and use the heavy duty screws to keep it firmly in position. The watertight base holds water cleanly to keep your tree fresher for longer. Top this up regularly. The 10cm stand is suited to trees between 4 – 6ft, the 13cm stand is for 6ft trees and the 15cm stand is best for trees that are 7ft and above.

Product details

  • Diameter: 10cm / 4″, 13cm / 5″ or 15cm / 6″
  • Heavy duty thumbscrews
  • Watertight base
  • Handcrafted
  • Coated in a sparkling powder finish
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Keeps your tree nourished and healthy
  • Small water chamber
  • Material: heavy duty steel
  • 3 – 4 swirled metal feet
  • 10cm stand for trees between 4 – 6ft, 13cm stand for 6ft trees & 15cm stand for trees 7ft plus
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