Orchard Toys Dinosaur Lotto Matching Game

A fun-filled game with a host of colourful Dinosaur characters.  Perfect for helping little Dino fans to develop their memory & matching skills.


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Orchard Toys Dinosaur Lotto is a colourful matching game with a cast of dino characters.

Take it in turns to flip over cards and see if they match the dinosaurs on your picture, if so place the card on your board. First to fill their tile board wins.

The game has two different board types so younger and older children can play together. On one side of the board the tiles show the Dinos you need to find making it easier for younger children whereas flip over the board and the tiles are blank for more of a challenge.

This game is a great introduction to the world of dinosaurs and helps to develop memory, matching & observation skills in a fun interactive way.

Main features

  • Age: 3-7
  • Players: 2-4
  • Teacher tested
  • Made in Britain


  • Observational skills
  • Memory & Matching skills
  • Personal & social skills


  • 4 double sided boards (interlocking pieces)
  • 24 item cards
  • Instruction leaflet
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