Ooni 12-Inch Pizza Peel

Use the Ooni 12-Inch Pizza Peel to prep, slide, turn and retrieve your pizza like a pro.


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The Ooni 12-Inch Pizza Peel is an all-purpose 4-in-1 aluminium pizza paddle for use with any oven.

Use this Ooni Pizza Peel to prepare, launch, turn and retrieve your pizzas, whether you are only making one pizza, or feeding a whole hungry hoard.

The lightweight anodised aluminium top is smooth and non-stick, so pizzas will glide off the surface without their base awkwardly catching. The slim blade of the peel also easily slides between a pizza in the oven and a pizza stone to make turning and retrieving pizzas from the heat an absolute breeze.

Using this Ooni 12-Inch Pizza Peel will help improve your pizza-making routine.


  • 12-Inch Pizza Peel
  • Made from lightweight materials for lifting comfort
  • Durable anodised aluminium and glass reinforced nylon construction will last for years


  • Product Dimensions: H 30.5cm x W 66cm x D 3.5cm


  • Please do not use for storage and processing of acidic, alkaline or salty foods
  • Please do not leave the peel exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time
  • Suitable for hand washing

Additional information

  • Brand: Ooni
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use with any oven
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