NOMA 10 Connectable Jute Rope Festoon Lights

Add a warming glow to any area with the NOMA 10 Connectable Jute Rope Festoon Lights.


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Light up your home or garden with these NOMA 10 Connectable Jute Rope Festoon Lights. The filament-style bulbs give the perfect natural incandescent glow that you would get from an original filament bulb. They are energy saving, cost efficient and look good to boot. Ideal for hanging around gazebos and pergolas, seating areas or bringing life to bedrooms and communal areas indoors.

They have a lit length of 3.8m and a lead cable length of 3m to give you freedom when placing them in hard to reach areas. The transformer must be located indoors or in a waterproof outdoor alternative. Spruce up your living spaces and bring light to the dark garden during the night. You can connect up to 8 sets of 10 lights from 1 power source which allows a continuous line of 80 festoon lights.

The Jute Rope Festoon Lights come with an easytimer by NOMA. Once activated, the lights will automatically turn on every day at the same time, for 8 hours, before turning off until the next day. This stylish alternative comes with a rustic jute rope instead of a standard coated cable. Wherever you decide to place them, they will create a magical display that will be sure to impress your guests.

Product details

  • Lit length: 3.8m
  • Static light output
  • Transformer must be inside
  • Filament style
  • easytimer by NOMA – after activating they stay lit for 8 hours per day
  • Low voltage & energy saving
  • Connect up to 8 sets from one power source with add-a-long
  • LEDs are non-replaceable
  • Total cable length: 6.8m
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