Lemax Amsterdammertje - Set of 4
Lemax Amsterdammertje (Set of 4)
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Lemax Amsterdammertje (Set of 4)

EAN: 728162640697 | MPN: 64069


These set of four Amsterdammertje or traffic bollards are perfect for creating borders or zoned areas within your Lemax model village.

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The Lemax Amsterdammertje set is the perfect accessory for adding detail to your model village. Useful for preventing your village people from driving into the canals or into pedestrian only areas. These Amsterdammertje (Traffic bollards) are handy items to line canals, roads and pavements to act as a warning that you are getting too close to the edge. Lemax accessories can enhance and add a realistic effect to your model village.

Product details

  • Product Type: Accessory
  • Released: 2016
  • Height: 3.8cm (height of
  • Width: 6.4cm
  • Depth: 1cm
  • Non electrical item