Kindling Wood Sticks (2kg)

Create a glowing fireplace or a hot BBQ with this 2kg bag of Kindling Wood Sticks.


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This 2kg bag of Kindling Wood Sticks is the perfect way to get your fire started quickly and easily.

These kindling sticks are made from softwoods and are kiln dried to a moisture content below 20%, making them easy to light and burn. They are also a sustainable choice, as they are a by-product of the wood industry making them waste free.

Dried log sticks such as these are ideal for open fires, wood burning stoves, log burners or pizza ovens and are excellent for starting a barbecue. Simply place a handful of kindling sticks in your firebox, light them with a match or lighter, and then add your larger logs.


  • Kiln dried logs to low moisture levels
  • 2kg netting bag
  • Clean and fast burning
  • Quick to light
  • Easy to handle
  • 100% sustainable by–product
  • Ethically sourced in the UK
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