House of Paws Duck Dog Toy

A squeaky and fluffy friend for your puppy pal, this Duck Dog Toy from House of Paws is made using an array of soft plush fabrics. Your dog will love carrying this toy around the home with them as a comfort, as well as snuggling up in bed with it.


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The House of Paws Duck Dog Toy is great for letting your dog exercise their hunting instincts, while also providing comfort.

Made using a combination of plush fabrics, this squeaky duck toy for dogs is soft and fluffy, making it the perfect pal for your pooch to carry around the home with them. Carrying toys in their mouths is key for a dog’s emotional state, as it brings them comfort when they are excited or nervous. You can expect this toy to be dropped at your feet repeatedly for you to throw and play tug of war with – playing with your dog also strengthens the bond between pet and owner.

Fitted with a built-in squeaker, this duck toy is perfect for allowing your dog to exercise their hunting and killing instincts. The squeaker in dog toys imitates the sound prey would make when caught, so this stimulates the dogs innate nature to hunt.

Main features

  • Perfect toy for carrying around the home
  • Made using a mixture of plush materials
  • Great for fetch and tug of war
  • Fitted with squeaker
  • Available in small, large and extra large

Additional info

  • Pets should be supervised when playing with toys
  • Replace or remove if damage occurs
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