Homefire Supapak Kindling

Homefire Supapak Kindling is essential for starting a roaring wood, coal or solid fuel fire at home.


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EAN: 5017974003369 | MPN: 540001

Homefire Supapak Ultra-Dry Kindling Wood is the perfect solution to get your fire off to a roaring start.

Ideal for lighting any wood, coal or solid fuel fire, this fuel is Ready to Burn certified which identifies it as one of the cleanest and easiest fuels for burning at home, in line with the new environment focused Air Quality regulations.

The kindling is sourced in the UK or Eu and comes in a weather proof polythene bag that ensures it is ultra dry and ready to light straight away.


  • Ultra dry kindling wood
  • Easily starts a fire
  • Suitable for use with any wood, coal or solid fuel fire
  • Suitable for open fires, chimeneas, cookers, boilers, room heaters and wood burners
  • Ready to Burn certified
  • Sourced from woodlands in the UK and EU
  • Comes in a weatherproof polythene bag
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