Henry Bell Wildlife Hedgehog House

Provide a secure, strong and safe home for hedgehogs with this impressive Wildlife Hedgehog House by Henry Bell.


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The Henry Bell Wildlife Hedgehog House is perfect for housing hedgehogs and their baby hoglets.

Hedgehogs are extremely vulnerable in modern gardens, with leaves being swept away to make gardens tidier, leaving less natural habitat for hedgehogs to nest. Traditionally hedgehogs like to nest under trees or in hedgerows.

This wooden home is the ideal alternative to provide hedgehogs with a secure and safe place for them to make their home.

The entrance to the Hedgehog House is large enough for adult hedgehogs to comfortably enter and there is plenty of space for them to build a nest within the home.

Choose a quiet, sheltered location out of the wind and direct sun. Check pets can not access the home, as some pet animals may attack vulnerable hedgehogs and their young.

Once you have chosen a safe location for the home, please do not disturb the home. Hedgehogs need to feel secure as they will rely on the home for safety.

No doubt hedgehogs will bring their own bedding in the way of leaves, so it is best to leave these leaves in the home as they can make use of them whilst hibernating too.


  • Attractive & stylish wooden home for hedgehogs
  • Provides a reliable & safe space for hedgehogs
  • Made with treated timber to help it to last season after season
  • Spacious entrance big enough for adult hedgehogs to access comfortably
  • Plenty of space in the home for nest building
  • Approximate dimensions: W 37.5cm x L 35cm x H 21.5cm
  • Part of the Wildlife Range by Henry Bell


  • Remove all packaging & label before use
  • Choose a quiet, sheltered & safe location
  • Do not allow children to play with the Hedgehog House (this is not a toy) & keep away from pets
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