Henry Bell Heavy Duty Everyday Peanut Feeder

The Henry Bell Heavy Duty Everyday Peanut Feeder with umbrella top keeps peanuts dry and ready to be enjoyed by wild birds at any time of year.


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The Henry Bell Heavy Duty Everyday Peanut Feeder is a contemporary matt black aluminium bird feeder.

Finished in matt black, the Everyday range is a more compact version of the Henry Bell Heavy Duty range of bird feeders.

The mesh peanut holder is perfect for holding any brand of whole peanuts, and it is ideal for high quality Henry Bell Peanuts, which are tested for Aflatoxins. Once filled, this feeder will attract members of the Tit family, Goldfinch and Woodpecker.

It has a full circular catch tray with drainage holes and raised sides to help birds perch whilst they eat.

The feeder comes with a three-point twist lid, which features the iconic Henry Bell (HB) logo.

Place the feeder in a safe position, where the wild birds have a good vantage point and are out of reach of predators. The feeder can be hung from a feeding station or a tree branch using the handy loop handle.


  • Great for feeding members of the Tit family, Goldfinch, Woodpecker & many more wild birds
  • Matt black metal bird feeder with a black mesh peanut holder
  • Comes with a handy loop handle to hang from a feeding station or tree branch
  • Strong, durable & rugged
  • 3-point twist lid to open & secure the feeder
  • Includes a drainage tray base to catch any falling morsels & provides a perch for feeding birds
  • Easy to fill, clean & refill
  • Umbrella lid with Henry Bell logo protects wild bird food from the rain
  • Ideal for Henry Bell Peanuts
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