Henry Bell Essential Nyger Seed Feeder

Feed small wild birds with a Henry Bell Essential Nyger Seed Feeder. Just add Nyger Seeds.


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The Henry Bell Essential Nyger Seed Feeder is designed to hold Nyger Seeds to attract wild birds.

This feeder is not pre-filled, but once filled it will attract and feed small wild birds like Goldfinches, Chaffinches and Siskins.

Easy to use, simply lift the lid and fill with Nyger Seeds. The feeder comes with a loop handle to help you place it on a tree branch or wild bird feeding station. Always chose a safe location away from natural predators.

The feeder includes two integrated flip down ring feed ports to make it easier and safer for birds to perch whilst feeding. The ports help wild bird to access the seeds through the openings provided on each side of the feeder.

This practical plastic feeder is part of the Henry Bell Essential range which offers great value for money.


  • Great for feeding Goldfinches, Chaffinches, Siskins & many more wild birds
  • Easy to clean & fill with a flip top lid
  • Fill with Henry Bell Nyger Seeds (not included)
  • Comes with a long loop handle to hang from a feeding station or tree branch
  • Includes two flip down perch ring feed ports to make feeding easier and safer for wild birds
  • Approximate feed capacity of 220g
  • Part of the Henry Bell Essential range
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