GroZone Tunnel – Micromesh

Keep your vulnerable plants safe and protected from both weather and pests with the GroZone Micromesh Tunnel.


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EAN: 5050642030717 | MPN: 6513001

The GroZone Micromesh Tunnel is perfect for any keen gardener growing their own crops and produce at home.

This fine mesh tunnel measures 3.1m long and approximately 0.5m in diameter making it perfect for laying over rows of crops in a vegetable garden or raised bed.

The thermal insulation effect will protect your plants from extreme weather & frosts, allowing you to plant earlier and extend your growing season. It will also protect your plants from insects, without the use of pesticides, and offers excellent accessibility with sides and ends that can be lifted for easy ventilation.


  • Dimensions: L 3.1m x W 0.4m x H 0.5m
  • Colour: White
  • Protects plants from extreme weather and frosts
  • Allows early planting and extends the growing season
  • Protects plants from insects, without using pesticides
  • Sides can lift and ends can open for easy ventilation
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