Growing Success Liquid Droplet Feeders for Houseplants (Pack of 4)

Keep your houseplants perfectly fed and supplied with nutrients without sacrificing your time with this pack of 4 automatic Liquid Droplet Feeders for Houseplants.


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Providing excellent value as a pack of 4, Growing Success Liquid Droplet Feeders contain everything that houseplants need to thrive and flourish.

When applied, these feeders will automatically drip feed directly to the plant roots for up to 14 days. Once, empty continue plant care as normal for the remainder of the month, before applying once again at the start of the next month. It is recommended to use 1 feeder per 30 days for an 11cm pot, 2 feeders for 12-19cm pots and 3 feeders for 20cm plus pots.

To use these feeders simply hold the feeder with the cap facing up, cut off the tip, keep the feeder inverted until next to the target pot and then when in position, quickly invert the feeder, pushing it into the growing medium until the feeder is capable of standing up unaided.

These feeders are therefore ideal when caring for houseplants during holidays and for extra peace of mind.


  • Pack of 4 feeders
  • Convenient and ready to use out of the pack
  • Contains essential houseplant nutrients
  • Suitable for pots and containers
  • One recommended feed per month for pots up to 11cm
  • Suitable for use throughout the year
  • Best used while the plant is actively growing
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