Garland Rain Gauge

Measure rainfall accurately and easily in your Garden with the Garland Rain Gauge. Available with or without the metal holder.


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Whether you’re a gardener, a weather enthusiast or just someone who wants to know how much rain is falling in your yard, the Garland Rain Gauge allows you to measure rainfall accurately and easily. This can help you to water your plants more efficiently by allowing you to only water when needed.

The clear plastic gauge features easy-to-read metric and imperial scales, so you can keep track of rainfall in any unit of measurement. The gauge is also UV resistant, so it won’t fade or crack in the sun.

This rain gauge is available either with or without the accompanying black steel holder. This holder allows you to elevate the holder to an easy-to-read height, reducing the need to strain your back.


  • Easy-to-read metric and imperial scales
  • UV resistant for long-lasting use
  • Available with or without the accompanying metal holder
  • Increases garden watering efficiency
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