Gardman Large Black Steel Sunflower Hearts Feeder

EAN: 5024160848574 | MPN: A01524


Durable black steel with Feed Safe antibacterial coating to protect against microbes and germs.

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This Gardman Large Black Steel Sunflower Hearts Feeder is easy to hang on feeding stations as well as sturdy branches.  Additionally this has a quick release top and base for easy cleaning as well as fast filling.

Furthermore, this features four ports for wild birds to perch whilst feeding, as well as providing rich, calorie dense food for them.

One of the main features is the Feed safe biocidal coating, this kills bacteria on contact. The sunflower hearts will also attract a wide range of birds to liven up your garden.

Main Features

  • Height: 27cm
  • Holds approx 450g of Sunflower Hearts
  • FeedSafe biocidal coating
  • 4 ports
  • Easy cleaning

Other Information

Clean regularly with a mild disinfectant and rinse carefully.