GARDENA Tree and Pruning Lopper Telescopic StarCut 410 plus

The GARDENA Telescopic Pruning Lopper StarCut 410 plus is the ultimate solution for cutting back hard to reach trees & shrubs.


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EAN: 4078500028332 | MPN: 12001-20

The GARDENA Tree and Pruning Lopper Telescopic StarCut 410 Plus is the ultimate solution for easily cutting and pruning hard to reach areas of trees and shrubs.

Eliminating the need for a ladder, this lopper features a telescopic handle that can extend its total reach from its minimum length of 2.3m, up to 4.1m, making treetops and the furthest spots reachable.

It won’t get caught or tangled in branches during cutting thanks to its internal pulling strap and compact cutting head, while the cutting angle can be be adjusted up to 200 degrees allowing for precise cutting in any direction.

This bypass style cutting action is powered by its internal steel gearing that is not only durable and dependable but also generates extra power through its 12-speed gear ratio. This cutting power, in combination with the non-stick coated precision-ground blades, ensures a clean, low resistance cut every time.

The StarCut 410 Plus can also help to remove any loose material or branches that are left hanging after cutting, thanks to its adjustable clearing hook.

Engineered and built in Germany using quality materials, this lopper comes with a 25-year warranty that gives weight to GARDENA’s claims of its ease to use, effectiveness and durability as a cutting tool.


  • Lightweight, robust and comfortable to use
  • Guarantees clean cuts with power and precision
  • Extending telescopic handle for the hardest to reach areas
  • Robust and durable 12 gear steel transmission
  • Easy and accurate handling
  • Innovative adjustable hook for removing cut off material
  • Maximum cutting diameter: 32mm
  • Length: 2.3 – 4.1m
  • Cutting type: Bypass
  • Cutting angle: 200 degrees
  • Blade: Hardened, Non-stick coated
  • 25-year warranty
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