Floralsilk Yellow Poppies in Ripple Vase (43cm)

EAN: 5013878053813 | MPN: G81690Y


A vase of sunshine and happiness to perk up any room in your home.

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The perfect pick-me-up, this vaseful of happiness in the form of Floralsilk Yellow Poppies in Ripple Vase is the ideal gift for anyone who is feeling under the weather. Happiness, like laughter, is infectious and this sunny and bold display proves it.

Poppies come in many forms both wild and cultivated and in an array of colours, this bold yellow version will defiantly brighten any room. Homed in a beautiful white ceramic vase with textured detail and a twine ribbon finish. The highly realistic design makes this the perfect gift for loved ones who need a little boost.

This is a eye-catching centre piece for coffee tables or dining areas but can work in almost any room with most home décor. The poppies are all open in prefect bloom atop textured stems with a dusting of fluffy, realistic green leaves peaking out of the opening the of vase and upwards.

Add a drop or two of your favourite fragrance oil or spritz with room spray to keep them smelling fantastic all year round. Bold, sophisticated and stylish, these incredibly lifelike poppies makes a vivid statement wherever it’s displayed. Faux flowers are a wonderful way of bringing nature into your home without the stress of having to look after living plants.

Product details

  • White ceramic, textured vase
  • Height: 43cm
  • Poppy colour: bright yellow with hints of orange
  • Twine ribbon finish
  • 10 yellow poppies
  • Stem colour: medium muted green
  • Textured stems and leaves
  • Wired stems
  • Bottle circumference: 9cm
  • Leaf colour: naturally bright green