Floralsilk Poppy Spray (78cm)

Perfect for bringing colour, happiness and beauty to your home all year round.


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Bring some joy into your home décor with this Floralsilk Poppy Spray. The stem is a muted medium-green colour with a slightly textured feel and a handful of deep green leaves are dusted around the middle. All combined with the bold petals which have varying shades of orange or pink and prominent stamens for a more natural look.

Poppies come in many forms both wild and cultivated and in an array of colours, this brilliant spray will defiantly brighten any room. Home in a tall glass vase or beautiful white ceramic vessel with an array of other spring themed artificial flowers. The highly realistic design by Floralsilk makes this perfect for arrangements in the office, the home or for events.

Faux flowers are in season all year round and can be sprinkled with room sprays to keep your home smelling fresh from January to December. The stem is internally wired to retain the desired shape for easy potting or arranging in a vase. It can also easily be cut up for use in Spring and Summer arrangements and a wide variety of other decorative uses.

Each Floralsilk stem starts with a hand painted design to ensure the colour tones of the non-fray petals are perfectly matched and great care and expertise is applied to produce life-like leaves and heads.

Product details

  • Size: 78cm
  • Flower colour: Orange or Pink
  • Medium-muted green stem with a natural texture
  • Medium-dark green leaves
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