Floralsilk Large White Hydrangea (77cm)

EAN: 5021327010225 | MPN: BB21247WH


Created with petals which are soft to the touch and in a fantastic floaty ball shape which will suit almost all interiors.

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Epitomising timeless elegance, it is easy to find how thisĀ Floralsilk Large White Hydrangea Stem is a firm favourite for many. With a large and generous head of soft petals, this classic flower suits all interiors and a choice which will last for years to come. The stem is finished off with a dusting or large leaves for a more natural look.

Ideal for creating beautiful bouquets and often combined with stunning glass and ceramic vessels as well as moss, woven materials or bamboo. Pair white hydrangeas with green eucalyptus or silver birch branches to create a fresh yet luxurious arrangement.

Faux flowers will remain in bloom all year round, no matter what season it is. Fresh and contemporary, this is a perfect starting point to create something truly breath-taking. The stem has a gradient of colour with it starting from brown at the bottom and fading to a natural green shade with plenty of realistic texture and detail. Finished off with 3 – 4 leaves which are soft to the touch with a deep green colour.

Floralsilk flower stems are incredibly realistic and almost impossible to tell apart from the real plant. Each stem begins with a hand painted design to ensure the colour tones of the non-fray petals are perfectly matched and great care and expertise is applied to produce life-like leaves and petals.

Product details

  • Petal colour: white
  • Stem colour: brown at the base which fades into a natural green
  • Leaf colour: deep green
  • Number of leaves: 3 – 4
  • Height: 77cm
  • Flower width: 22cm