Ashleigh & Burwood Christmas Spice Lamp Fragrance

Delicious notes of orange combine with cloves and toasted nutmeg.


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EAN: 5033271033007 | MPN: XPFL5746

The Ashleigh & Burwood Christmas Spice Lamp Fragrance is for use in a beautiful fragrance lamp. It creates a catalytic combustion method to purify the air. Once this takes place, you will only smell the fragrance. Created in England with natural ingredients.

Packed full of zesty orange notes that are heated with aromatic cloves and toasted nutmeg to create the perfect festive fragrance. The bottle that the Christmas Spice fragrance arrives in is recyclable, however the cap is not at present.

Product details

  • For use in conjunction with fragrance lamps
  • Size: 500ml
  • Fragrance notes: Orange, Cloves & Vanilla
  • Recyclable bottle
  • Made in England with natural ingredients
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