Chempak Multi Action Calcium Fertiliser (750g)

A fast acting and powerful soluble fertiliser that improves plant health and growth.


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Chempak Multi Action Calcium Fertiliser is used by professionals and leading growers, providing the satisfaction of producing plants of the highest possible standard.

Calcium is an an important plant food required by all plants in moderate quantities. A deficiency has serious effects on plant growth. The benefits of Chempak Calcium are, therefore, wide ranging as its multi action gives improved growth, higher yields and healthier plants through rapid calcium and nitrogen uptake.

This fertiliser will also prevent physiological conditions, Bitter Pit in apples, Blossom End Rot in tomatoes, Tip Burn in lettuce and Heart Rot in celery, amongst others.

To use, simply follow the on pack instructions depending on your target plants. As a general rule for giving plants a boost, combine one measure (5g) of fertiliser to 5 litres of water for root or foliar application.


  • Chempak Plant Feed range
  • Size: 750g
  • Granular and soluble fertiliser
  • Makes up to 150 cans
  • Improves growth
  • Creates higher yields
  • Makes plants healthier
  • Prevents a wide range of physiological conditions and diseases
  • NPK: 15.5-0-0

Additional info

  • Calcium is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture)
  • Once opened, keep in an airtight container, in cool, dry contitions
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Wash hands after use
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