Baby Bio Drip Feeders for Orchids (4 Pack)

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Four Baby Bio Orchid Food Drip Feeders with ready to use liquid drop feed in each 40ml drip feeder.

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This 4 pack of Baby Bio Orchid Food Drip Feeders provides essential moisture and nutrition for orchids.

Ideal for orchids in pots and containers at home and each feeder provides enough plant food for up to four weeks.

These convenient and easy to use feeders comes ready diluted. Simply shake and carefully cut the yellow tip off the end of the drip feeder and place into the orchid pot. Each drip feeder will support orchids in containers approximately 15-20cm in diameter. Any larger pots may require more than one feeder. We recommend continuing with mist spraying your orchid to ensure moisture covers all root endings, but don’t leave your orchid sat in water as this will rot it.

Orchids are delicate and need a bit more care and attention than other house plants. These drip feeders will ensure your orchid gets everything it needs to thrive and in return it will produce beautiful and colourful flowers.


  • 4 x 40ml drip feeders for orchids
  • Easy feeding for up to 16 weeks (each lasts 4 weeks)
  • Ready to use & convenient
  • Shake well before use
  • Remove & replace when empty
  • Supports vibrant orchid blooms & healthy green leaves
  • Orchid plant food for all orchids
  • Suitable for indoor use

Additional info

  • Always reseal bottle after use & store in a secure place
  • Keep away from children & pets
  • Wash hands after use