Baby Bio Houseplant Food (175ml)

Baby Bio Houseplant Food is concentrated liquid drop feed in a handy 175ml bottle for indoor plants.


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The 175ml bottle of Baby Bio Houseplant Food is a great all round liquid concentrate feed for indoor plants.

Ideal for supporting houseplants with everything they need. Plants can sometimes use up nutrients in their pots quickly, so using this plant food regularly will help your plants to continue to thrive.

A popular choice, this plant feed encourages strong roots, healthy leaves and vibrant blooms. 

Easy to use, simply dilute approximately five to ten drops to every half litre (one pint) of water and continue with normal watering in between feeds. This mix ratio can be used throughout the year.

The Baby Bio formula includes three key nutrients:

  • Nitrogen for healthy, bright green leaves
  • Phosphorus for strong roots
  • Potassium for better blooms and fruits

These are similar to nutrients found in good soil and compost, so you can feed plants with confidence. 


  • 175ml houseplant feed
  • Feeds all houseplants
  • Liquid concentrate – dilute with water
  • Encourages green leaves and vibrant flowers
  • All year round feed
  • Suitable for indoor use


  • NPK 10.6-4.4-1.7

Additional info

  • Always reseal bottle after use & store in a secure place
  • Keep away from children & pets
  • Wash hands after use
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